18 Amazon Prime perks you might not be using

Main video is also included in your membership. There are originals that kill, like The extent (a WIRED Staff prefer) and Back home, in addition to other movies and shows. Purchased separately, Prime Video costs $ 9 per month.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the Amazon Members Only Event, First day. The annual “vacation” has outperformed both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in recent years, but not all Prime Day deals are quite a bargain. The WIRED Gear team always covers the event to make it easier to find good deals. This year Prime Day is June 21-22, although discounts often start earlier.

Amazon Day

Overwhelmed by the large number of boxes on your doorstep? (Honestly, as a product reviewer, same.) Amazon Day allows you to schedule all your deliveries to arrive on a certain day of the week. Rather than processing one or two boxes at a time over multiple days, you can get one package with all of your orders on the day of your choice. If you’re using Amazon Day, you’re not blocked. This means that if you quickly order something you need, you can always go for the fastest shipping method. Amazon Day is a great way to reduce cardboard (and your carbon footprint).

Exclusive offers

Even outside of Prime Day, Amazon Prime members are eligible for discounts for members only. This could mean a few dollars off your portable charger purchase, a 20% off coupon to use on dog food, or better prices on new Amazon devices. Individual discounts vary, but we see these kinds of promotions quite frequently and, like with Prime Day, not all of them are good.

Lightning Early Access Deals

During and outside of special events like Prime Day and Black Friday, Prime members get early access to select Flash Deals. You will be able to make your purchases 30 minutes before other customers. Whether the Lightning deals are worth your money is another discussion, but it’s a perk worth checking out.

Rewards without rush

If you don’t need your order to arrive right away, sometimes at checkout you will see the option of free emergency delivery. Usually by choosing Shipping without rush gives you $ 1 free digital credit to use on things like eBooks, digital games, movies, etc. Rewards sometimes expire after a certain amount of time. I used No-Rush Credits to get up to $ 10 off digital games on release day. Since discounts on video games are scarce, especially right after release, it can be lucrative if you time it correctly (and you don’t mind waiting for your purchases to arrive).

Amazon fresh

Amazon fresh allows you to order groceries through Amazon and have them delivered to your doorstep. It’s not available in all areas, but it’s a different way to shop if you’re trying to avoid in-person travel. You also get a selection of products from Whole Foods available through Amazon Fresh. My mom uses Amazon Fresh to ship groceries to my student brother, in hopes he eats at least one vegetable that isn’t in a pizza. Somewhat confusing, there are physics of the same name Amazon Fresh grocery stores in some cities.

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods A few years ago, you can usually find choices from Whole Foods store brands within Amazon’s Grocery Services. This can be a great way to try something new or stock up on items you already like.

Amazon household

For families, Amazon household is a good way to share the benefits among several people. You can share the benefits of membership with two adults, four teens, and four adults. Parents can use Amazon Household to approve orders for teens or set up parental controls on children’s content.

Amazon first reads

Each month, Prime members can view Amazon first reads. These are two Kindle books from the free selection. Non-Prime members can get their two books for $ 2 each. As a reminder, you can read Kindle books even if you don’t have a Kindle device thanks to the free app available for phones and computers. We also have a purchase guide to help you choose the right Kindle.

Main reading

In addition to first reads, Prime members get access to tons of Kindle books through Main reading. There are over a thousand items to choose from. Besides books, you can access audiobooks and magazines, as well as comics through Comixology. WIRED editor-in-chief Michael Calore mentioned Prime Reading as one of his quarantined rescuers in this Gadget Lab podcast episode.

Top notch game

Each month, Prime members are eligible for various rewards through Top notch game (formerly known as Twitch Prime). This includes in-game loot in a variety of popular games, free game downloads, free downloadable content (DLC) and expansions, and more. You also get a free Twitch subscription, which makes it look like you can watch Twitch for free, but “Twitch subscriptions” are actually subscriptions to individual Twitch streamers, and they normally cost money. With the free subscription you get from Amazon Prime, you can support the channels you love – creators make money with the subscription, but it won’t cost you anything more.

$ 10 off pre-orders of games

This discount was much better, but it’s still worth considering if you’re in the market for a new video game. Occasionally, Prime members can receive $ 10 off when they pre-order a game. Qualifying titles show here when they are available.

Prime cabinet

Buying clothes online can be a daunting process. Prime cabinet offers a selection of items to try at home before committing. Pick whatever you want and you’ll have it for a week. If it’s a winner, you can keep it. If it is not a perfect fit, you can return the items for free. I prefer to use this method when the coins are already in discount, because the price you will pay if you decide to keep something is regardless of the price at the checkout.

Unlimited online photo storage

Prime members have access to unlimited full-resolution photo storage, as well as 5 gigabytes of video storage. You can store, to print, and share photos using the Amazon Photos app and backup everything to the cloud. If your account loses Prime status, you’ll need to pay at least $ 2 per month to continue storing your photos and videos, so that shouldn’t be yours. primary backup method. You might consider using one of these options as well as.

Amazon Kids + at a reduced price

Amazon Kids + (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) is Amazon’s content service for children. The service is compatible with multiple iOS, Android and Amazon devices, such as Tablets of fire. It basically provides a plethora of parental controls while also giving kids access to shows, books, games, etc. Kids + costs $ 5 per month, but Prime members can subscribe for $ 3 per month.

Additional benefits for specific customers

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Some Prime members may claim a Free welcome box for the baby registry by creating a ledger that has at least $ 10 in purchases (by themselves or others). Learn more here.

Some wireless operators have mobile phone plans for Prime members. Members also receive 10% credit each month. These plans aren’t for everyone – and your current provider might be cheaper – but they could be a good option for those looking for prepaid, inexpensive phone service.

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