20% off Google’s Nest Audio smart speaker on the web

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Google’s Nest Audio smart speaker impressed us with all the features it offers at a solid $ 100 price tag, but now you can get all that value for even less. the Nest Audio has been slashed to $ 80 at various online retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, B&H Photo, and Google’s own online store. It’s one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on the speaker, and unlike other deals we’ve seen recently, you don’t have to. buy two to get that sale price.

Buy Nest Audio from Best Buy – $ 80 Buy Nest Audio from Walmart – $ 80 Buy Nest Audio at B&H Photo – $ 80 Buy Nest Audio from Google – $ 80

There’s a lot to love about Nest Audio – we’ve given it a score of 87 for its solid audio quality, attractive design, and good use of the Google Assistant. It’s one of the best $ 100 smart speakers you can get, and it does leaps and bounds better at pumping tunes than smaller versions like Amazon’s Nest Mini or Echo Dot. Although it does not have an audio input jack for physical connections, you can pair two of the speakers for a stereo sound experience.

When it comes to design, Nest Audio takes a minimalist approach. It is a rounded rectangle covered in fabric that measures less than 7 inches in height. This makes it small enough to fit on a populated bookcase or alongside other home entertainment tech you might have in your living room. Inside is a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter, and its top has tactile buttons for play, pause, and volume controls.

And of course, the Nest Audio handles Google Assistant controls pretty well. While you need to speak a little louder than usual for its array of microphones to hear you, the device performs commands well and can do things like play music from your favorite streaming service, control smart home devices and more. We used to think the Nest Audio offers a ton of value at a decent price, but now it’s an even better buy when it’s on sale for $ 80.

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