24 best iPhone 12 cases and accessories (reviewed by MagSafe)

Plan the purchase one of the last four iPhones? Whether you watch the iPhone 12 Mini or the 12 Pro Max, you should probably put everything you get in a case. Of course, Apple says that Ceramic shield, which embeds ceramic crystals in the glass covering the screen, makes the phones more durable. But it’s still glass.

I have tested over 45 cases on the iPhone 12 Pro and Max, but they should work fine on the iPhone 12 and 12 mini. We’ve also rounded up some of our favorite accessories, including wireless chargers, wallets, and power adapters to outfit your new phone.

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Update June 2021: We’ve added cases, wallets, and other accessories from PopSockets, Spigen, Apple, Mophie, Twelve South, Mous, Anker, Nomad, and Otterbox.

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