28 everyday products made from recycled materials (2021)

For too much years our planet has been neglected by humans. It is important that we all do our part in making green decisions to prevent plastics from filling our oceans and accumulating in landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissionsand slow down microplastic diffusion. But even if we try to walk lightly on the earth, we still have to wear shoes and clothes and occasionally drive a gasoline vehicle.

Here we have highlighted some of our favorite companies and products by making some of these decisions a little Easier. You can shop for these products – from bags and sweatshirts to yoga mats – knowing that you have the welfare of the planet in mind.

Update April 2021: Happy Earth Day! We’ve added some new items we love including the PrAna ReZion Alana Skort, Vintage Saalt Underwear, Fjallraven Samlaren Totepack, and LifeMade Earth-Friendly Straws.

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