4 best multi-tools for any job (2021)

Swiss army The knife has taken hold in the Americana so firmly that it has become a metaphor for versatility. You have said it at one time or another: “the Swiss army knife of Empty,“whatever Empty is, which means he’s able to handle a variety of situations. On its own, no tool in this little gadget is as good as its full-size version – be it the corkscrew or the screwdriver – but that’s not the point. It’s all about convenience. Why would not you want to take a whole toolbox in your pocket?

It was the first multi-tool with worldwide popularity. Then Leatherman showed up with a pair of foldable pliers to give Switzerland a chance to make their money. Now there are multi-tool tools in all kinds of shapes and sizes from an impressive number of companies. But how many of them are actually well made? I spent months testing several models to find out, implementing them by putting together frames, slicing open packages, opening beer and wine bottles, and slicing apples. They are the ones who did their jobs in an exceptional way.

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