7 Best Umbrellas We Reviewed (2021): Windproof, Cheap, Tiny, and ‘Shatterproof’

“Oh. It’s raining. It’s time to go to the corner store and grab an umbrella. $ 20? Hey, very good. “This is what usually went through my head when there were sudden showers in New York. A month later I was pulling out the same umbrella and there were already small tears on the canopy or the stretchers breaking and were doing a floppy disk in the wind Rinse and repeat.

I wasted a lot money on cheap umbrellas, and I’m here to warn you not to make the same mistake. There are actually a lot of decent affordable umbrellas out there, you just need to know the right brands to buy. I also think it’s worth spending a little extra on a high quality umbrella that will last for a while. My colleague Louryn Strampe and I have researched and tested over a dozen umbrellas for over a year – these are our favorites at various price points.

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Update April 2021: We added the Unbreakable Umbrella, Weatherman, Senz and removed the Muji Remarkable as it is sold out.

Louryn Strampe has also researched and reviewed umbrellas to contribute to this guide.

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