7 great apps to edit photos on your phone

One of the funniest and most user-friendly photo editing apps available, Pixlr gives you access to an impressive number of options. You can do everything from adding text labels on images to painting the sky on a photo and replacing it with something else. Despite all the advanced features of the app, Pixlr is still easy to use.

You can rasterize images, rotate and crop images, remove red eye, apply many filters and borders, and much more. If you’re short on inspiration, the app offers one-click auto-correction options that intelligently enhance your photos using the most appropriate settings for the type of image (subject, lighting conditions, etc. .).

Pixlr is a freemium application for Android and ios.


Afterlight via David Nield

Spend a few minutes with Afterlight and you can tell it is aimed at the serious photo editor – it has a professional and minimalist design, but it packs a lot of features, ranging from a stack of efficient filters to a variety of. handy tools that can make your photos look better than ever. Sharing and exporting images to your phone or to other apps is also very easy.

It will take a long time for you to explore all that Afterlight has to offer, via the five icons at the bottom of the screen, and they can all be customized to achieve the right effect. The app allows you to change the colors of an image, drop text on images, create effects like double exposure, flip photos, etc.

Afterlight is a freemium application for Android and ios.


Lightroom via David Nield

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