Alan Taylor to adapt fantasy novel “Stone Junction”

Alan Taylor at Thor: The Dark World Premiere

Alan Taylor at Thor: The Dark World Premiere
Photo: Kevin winter (Getty Images)

How do you get from making gangster movies lead fancy? Alan taylor might have the answer.

Starlight Media has selected Taylor to fit Jim Dodge Stone Junction’s fantasy novel for television. He knows his way in the genre by directing several episodes of Game of thrones and Thor: The Dark World.

Taylor has a first look deal on Starlight Media by Peter Luo and can’t wait to build a cinematic world with the director. He says Deadline: “Alan is a fearless talent who excels at epic storytelling and has an amazing vision for this series that audiences around the world will truly appreciate. The source material is a daring and intelligent adventure that audiences crave more than ever. We can’t wait to get down to work on creating something special. “

Stone junction takes place in an alternate 1980s reality where magic, adolescence and romance converge. The orphan Daniel Pearse is central to the story, and he’s taken in by a group called the Alliance of Magicians and Outlaws (AMO). Joining the group puts him on a journey through the United States, in search of a magic stone that will free the world from oppressive forces.

There are no further details on when production will start or premiere date, but Starlight will keep fans of the book updated as the project develops!

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