Alphabet would work on a laptop capable of distinguishing the voices of a crowd

Alphabet’s Moonshot factory is said to be developing a portable device that could increase your hearing. According to a report by , the company’s X lab is working on a project codenamed Wolverine. Since 2018, the team has produced several prototypes of an in-ear device that can help the wearer isolate a specific voice in a crowded room. Due to the number of microphones involved, early prototypes covered the entire ear, but newer ones have gotten smaller. The closest analog would be AI-enhanced hearing aids, a startup called announced last fall. Facebook and Oculus, as you can see in the video below, are also publicly working on something similar.

A spokesperson for X said Insider the company “is exploring the future of hearing,” but declined to provide details on the project. Whether Wolverine will see the light of day is an open question. people Insider insisted the project had to evolve to encompass more than one device and one single-use case before Alphabet went into commercialization. And according to the sound, if there’s one thing Alphabet wants to avoid, it’s another Google Glass. The laptop debuted with a bang in 2013 (who could forget the the company showed at I / O 2012), but was ultimately relegated to a business product after the general the public turned against him.

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