Amazon Fire TV Adds More Live Channels Including IMDb TV and Plex

Amazon strengthened Fire tvthe range of live television services with a few additional options. IMDb TV, XUMO, and Amazon’s news app are now live, and Plex’s live TV service will soon be integrated with Live features. All of these apps are free, ad-supported services. You will now see channels and other content from these apps in the Live tab, On Row rows, and the Universal Channel Guide.

Meanwhile, Alexa is now a bit more useful for live TV. You can ask the voice assistant to play specific programs rather than asking it to switch to a different channel. You could say “Alexa, play Hello americaOr “Alexa, play the Seahawks game” and Fire TV should change the channel for that show or game.

Elsewhere, live TV programs now work with the App Peek feature in the updated Fire TV interface. When you hover over an app, you can see what’s playing to help you decide whether or not to watch.

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