Amazon offers two Echo Dots for $ 50 at the start of the Prime Day contract

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Doubling down on Amazon’s Echo speakers has its advantages. You can pair them for stereo sound or use them to create a home theater setup for your Fire TV. To let you multiply, Amazon offers two Echo Dots for $ 50 – what you would normally pay for one – as part of one First day to sell. If you have signed up for Prime, you can take advantage of the discount using the code PDDOT2PK at the register. Those looking for even more powerful sound should check out the $ 120 offer on two Echo speakers, enabled with the ECHOPRIME code and also exclusive to Prime members.

Buy two Echo Dot speakers on Amazon – $ 50 Buy two Echo speakers on Amazon – $ 120

Chances are, you are probably familiar with Amazon’s Echo line. But, you might have missed the makeover that the Echo and its little brother received last year. Both smart speakers are now spherical – a change that seems even bigger when you consider the tiny puck-style shape of the original Echo Dot. Whereas the old Echo was a more substantial cylindrical device with a light ring at the top.

Set aside the new look and Point is a no-frills speakerphone that can help you familiarize yourself with Alexa’s smart home ecosystem. Plus, the sound sounds better than many smart alarm clocks thanks to the 1.6 inch front speaker with decent bass, clarity and plenty of volume. Don’t expect the same audio quality as a more expensive Sonos One or Apple HomePod Mini.

The standard Echo, meanwhile, has a new arrangement of speakers, with a three-inch woofer and two 0.8-inch tweeters. As a result, we think it sounds even better than the 2018 Echo Plus and Google’s Nest Audio. Overall, it has impressive bass and offers great clarity across a range of musical genres. But, paired, and the Echo and Echo Dot seem a lot more powerful, respectively – the former getting seriously loud.

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