Amazon Unveils Pay-to-Hand Technology at Select Whole Foods Stores | Business and economic news

Amazon One allows buyers to scan the palms of their hands and connect them to credit cards or Amazon accounts, but privacy experts warn such biometric data could be hacked and stolen.

Amazon is deploying checkout technology at select Whole Foods grocery stores near its U.S. headquarters to make payments faster and more convenient.

The technology, called Amazon One, allows buyers to scan the palms of their hands and connect them to credit cards or Amazon accounts. After the initial setup, which Amazon says takes less than a minute, shoppers can scan their hands at the checkout to pay for groceries without having to open their wallets.

Amazon first launched the technology late last year and said at the time that it could be used in stadiums, office buildings and other retailers. So far, Amazon has not announced any takers. It has been used in several of its cashier-less stores and Amazon says it has enrolled thousands of users, but did not provide a specific number.

Privacy experts have warned against companies using biometric data, such as face or palm scans, due to the risk of hacking and theft. Amazon said it keeps the palm images in a secure part of its cloud and does not store the information on the Amazon One device. The company said buyers can also request that their information be deleted at any time.

A Whole Foods store in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, Washington, began using the technology on Wednesday. Seven more Whole Foods stores in the region will have it installed in the coming months. Amazon declined to say if or when other locations might get it. There are approximately 500 Whole Foods stores in the United States.

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