Amazon’s deal of the day cuts SSD and HDD prices by up to 48%

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Storage sales are scarce these days, but Amazon is currently offering discounts of up to 48% on SSDs and hard drives as part of its deal of the day. One of the key products listed is the WD Black 2TB NVMe with a custom dashboard and speeds of 3400MB / s, which is ideal for desktop PCs or custom gaming rigs, on sale at $ 238 instead of $ 400 ($ 160 off ). Another strong point is Samsung 2TB T7 Touch External SSD, available for $ 280 instead of $ 370. The T7 Touch was a CES 2020 honors thanks to its unique fingerprint unlocking system and write speeds of up to 1000MB / s.

Amazon Deal of the Day Storage Sale

There are also a lot of other great deals in there. If you don’t need Samsung’s extra security features and have a fast USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port, SanDisk 2TB Extreme Pro Portable SSD ($ 270 instead of $ 362) offers read and write speeds of up to 2000MB / s, among the fastest of any external SSD. Another great choice is the WD_Black 12TB D10 game drive for storage on Xbox or desktop PC with a fast rotation speed of 7200 RPM, offering transfer rates of up to 250MB / s. It is now on sale for $ 220, a good $ 80 off the regular price.

If you need the same storage but not so much speed, WD 12TB MyBook External Hard Drive is offered for $ 190, 27 percent off the regular price. There is many other choices depending on your needs and budget, but you’ll want to act quickly as the sale only lasts until the end of the day and some of the products mentioned will likely be purchased long before that.

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