Amazon’s Fire HD 8 and Blink Mini camera bundle is $ 75 for today only

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Amazon offers an additional incentive to entice people to access its tech ecosystem. Right now you can get a Fire HD 8 tablet (with 32 GB or 64 GB of storage) supplied with a Mini blink security camera for $ 75 or $ 105, respectively. The limited-time agreement, which expires tomorrow, offers an affordable gateway to smart home monitoring. While Amazon’s $ 90 slate has already dropped to $ 55, the new offering is aimed at those looking for a cheap security camera. Even at their lowest levels, the two devices together would have cost you $ 80. Today’s deal is only available until tomorrow, so you’ll need to be quick.

Buy Fire HD 8 32GB + Blink Mini on Amazon – $ 75

Buy Fire HD 8 64GB + Blink Mini on Amazon – $ 105

Once you have purchased the pack, you can start talking to your new camera via a few easy steps following configuration. Just download the Alexa skill and you can tell Amazon’s digital assistant to live stream your camera to your new tablet. You can also arm, disarm, and get information about your Blink using your voice. Plus, the Blink app lets you add and configure additional devices if you decide you want to outfit your entire home with a video security system.

As for the features of the camera, it can capture 1080p images, detect movement and send ping notifications to your smartphone. Two-way audio, on the other hand, lets you talk through the speakerphone to other people using the Blink app. The camera itself is wired, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries, but it will also stop working in the event of a power failure.

Meanwhile, the Fire HD 8 is among the best budget tablets you can buy. It’s all the better thanks to the USB-C charging port and longer battery life. The slate comes with 3GB of RAM, compared to the 2GB of the entry-level model, a faster processor, support for wireless charging, and the ability to expand storage via microSD.

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