Amazon’s tablets and Kindle Fire are on sale now

The best advantage on Amazon devices is the price. What the company’s tablets lack in potency, they make up for by being so cheap it’s almost too good to be true, especially when they’re on sale the way they are now. Kindles are a slightly different story. They are more expensive and go on sale less often, which makes them an even better deal.

The best time to buy an Amazon device is First day, while they’re usually half-discounted, but right now Fire tablets and Kindles are at 30% off, which is about as good as you’ll find outside of Prime Day. Be sure to read our guides to finding the right Kindle and Fire tablet to determine which of these offers is right for you.

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Kindle Deals

Light up

Photography: Amazon

The entry-level Kindle remains a solid eBook reader, and the latest model includes backlighting for the 6-inch E-Ink touchscreen, meaning you can read in the dark. It is our favorite kindle for money. That’s very close to the best price we’ve seen on the Kindle this year (it’s only $ 5 more than in Prime Day). Make sure to take advantage of the free three months of the Kindle Unlimited offer, which gives you access to a huge library of eBooks. After the three months have passed, Kindle Unlimited costs $ 10 per month, so set a reminder to cancel if you don’t want to keep it.

The high-resolution screen and waterproofing of the Paperwhite make it an upgrade worth considering. For not much more money than the regular Kindle, it unlocks the joys of reading in the pool, beach, and tub without fear. The screen is flush and the device is rated IPX8, which means it can stay in 2 meters of water for two hours. Read learn more about its features here.

The Kindle Kids Edition is the basic Kindle at the top of this list with some parental controls and, more importantly, Amazon’s worry-free two-year warranty. The warranty means that if your Kindle Kids Edition crashes down the stairs because your kid decided to see if it would bounce like a slinky, Amazon will replace it. That alone is worth the extra money, but you also get a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids +, which gives your kids access to a huge range of kid-friendly books. After 1 year, the subscription will automatically renew at $ 3 per month, so be sure to set a reminder if you don’t want to continue.

Fire tablets deals

Fire HD 10

Photography: Amazon

the latest from Amazon Fire HD 10 arrived earlier this year with more RAM and a brighter display, reaffirming it as a more capable tablet than the 8-inch version. It’s our favorite cheap tablet and the best Amazon tablet you can buy, with faster performance, more storage, and a 10 inch HD screen which is much prettier. The Plus model with an additional gigabyte of RAM is also on sale for $ 130 ($ 50 off), and the new the productivity package is $ 210 ($ 90 off). The set includes a keyboard, as well as some work-friendly software, making the Fire HD 10 a more capable device, as long as you aren’t using Google’s office suite, which won’t run on Amazon hardware.

While the HD 10 is nicer, the Fire HD 8 is a very capable tablet for the price. The smaller form factor is easier to hold. It is our preferred choice for traveling. The Plus model with additional RAM (3 gigabytes instead of 2), this is the model we would go for and it is on sale for $ 80 ($ 30 off).

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is our first choice for children under 7. It’s small enough for young hands, and it’s padded so it probably won’t break when they drop it. Like the Kindle Kids above, you also get a two-year no-questions-asked replacement plan and a one-year Amazon Kids + subscription.

If you have older kids (around 8 and up), the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Edition has a smaller body and more app options. It still has a lot of parental controls in the settings.

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