‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ gets exploratory mode that makes the game less scary

Want to check Amnesia: rebirth, but do you think you’ll find the game too scary to finish? Fortunately, developer Frictional Games adds a Adventure mode which promises to eliminate its horror elements. Here’s how it works: You’ll still see enemies in the game, but they won’t attack you. With better lighting, places that were previously covered in darkness will be easier to explore at your own pace. The adventure mode also includes a few “a few” bonus puzzles for players to solve. If you have already played Amnesia: rebirth, this last point may convince you to relaunch the game.


This content is not available due to your privacy preferences. Update your settings This isn’t the first time the studio has given gamers a chance to experience one of its games without dealing with all of the horror elements associated with it. He proposed a similar “safe mode” for 2015 SOMA. It’s also part of a growing trend for game makers to add these types of modes to their games, one of the most notable examples being Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour.

Amnesia: Rebirth’s The Adventure Mode Update is free to download. If you don’t already own the game, it’s currently 40% off To smoke, the Epic game store and GOG.

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