Apple brings Touch ID to new iMacs

Apples new ultra-colorful iMacs will include wireless Touch ID capabilities. This will allow users to sign in, swap profiles, and make purchases with Apple Pay on the iMac. The functionality will be incorporated into specific versions of the Magic Keyboard that will be sold alongside the new iMac line.

The Touch ID button is located on the top row of compatible keyboards, represented by a simple circle to read your fingerprint. Touch ID is already available on iPhone and iPad, and it’s the start of the feature in the company’s desktop lineup.


“Implemented wirelessly on Magic Keyboard, it uses a dedicated security component on the keyboard that communicates directly with the Secure Enclave in M1, creating an encrypted channel to protect users’ fingerprint data end-to-end,” writes Apple. Whether it’s unlocking their Mac or making a purchase with Apple Pay, users get a fast, easy, and secure experience. Plus, Touch ID works with fast user switching, so that customers can switch user profiles with the touch of a finger. “

Apple offers two versions of the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, one with a numeric keypad and one without.

The company is also rolling out a color-coordinated Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for the new iMacs. The latest iMacs include Apple’s proprietary M1 chip and are around 50% the size of the previous model.

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