Apple pulls more iMac models ahead of possible M1 refresh

Apple’s spring cleaning checklist seems largely devoted to the iMac this year. After stopping the iMac Pro earlier this month, it now scrapped the 512GB and 1TB SSD configurations of the 21.5-inch workstation, according to MacRumors. However, you can still purchase 256GB SSD and 1TB Fusion drive versions.

Both setups have reportedly not been available for purchase from Apple’s website since last month and have now been completely phased out. It’s still unclear why Apple decided to stop selling them, but it may just be removing some inventory before a new line of iMacs is released. Bloomberg previously reported that it was running on two new models that shrink the current iMac’s display bezel, oversized chin, and curved back. The new all-in-one desktops will also ship Apple’s internal M1 chips as part of its move away from Intel processors.

At the same time, Apple may also be grappling with the same supply shortages that have disrupted the tech industry at large. Along with a pandemic-induced semiconductor shortage, leading SSD vendor Samsung was forced to stall operations at his chip factory in Texas due to power outages caused by extreme weather conditions.

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