Apple wants to control your universe

AS: I think people would be really bothered by the importance of Gadget Labs technical support: “Have you tried turning it on and off again?” Turn off then turn on. Try again. Start over, mom. Everything is fine. “

MC: Disconnect, reconnect. Restart.

JC: The scariest thing I wanted to mention is with everyone … Obviously, Apple promoting this interoperability is going to get people to buy and use more of its own services, but it’s also going to create an even bigger bubble than people live And you see already, we all know about the green bubble effect and iMessage, how people who use iPhones and text android users and they get green bubble instead of blue bubble, and sometimes they can treat these people differently than they would if they had a blue bubble.

AS: It makes me physically sick.

JC: Example: Adrienne. There’s this worry that the more people become more entrenched in this Apple ecosystem, if you give people a negative experience with people because they maybe can’t afford to buy a Mac and they buy. a Windows machine but if the experience out there is boring for that Apple user to interact with that other person, and then they could literally change the way they act towards that person. This is something that has happened and I think it’s definitely an issue with how Apple decides to treat people who don’t buy their own devices.

MC: This is a very good point.

AS: It’s a very good point, yes.

MC: Well listen, we have to wrap up. So let’s take another break, and when we come back, we’ll make recommendations.


MC: Very good. Here’s the final segment of our show, where we all give our recommendations on the things we want everyone to enjoy. Adrienne, you have to go first. What’s your recommendation?

AS: So just last week there was a whole slew of articles about how this summer is going to be such a mess for everyone. No one even knows what they’re going to do. So my recommendation is that everyone relax and get themselves a two piece swimsuit. Two people on WIRED bought this from Bay Swimwear, two piece swimsuits. It’s a recycled women-owned business, and they are adapting very well. They stay. I don’t even know what you’re going to do with your summer vaccinated, but my recommendation is a swimsuit that will really stick around.

MC: Very pleasant. Do I also have to get a two piece? Is that your advice to me?

AS: Yes. And then we’ll wear all of our matching two-pieces for brunch, Mike. It’s going to be awesome.

MC: Julian, what is your recommendation?

JC: So I hate wires, which is weird working at WIRED. But usually when I organize my desk I have a system where I try to hide as many wires as possible and I used to just use that hundred dollar desk that I bought from Amazon and I used duct tape to hide all the wires behind the walls. Again, terrible idea, because it will take off your paint. Instead, I am currently testing this desktop from this company called Secretlab. They make gaming chairs and other household furniture equipment. This new desk, however, is designed to hide and help you hide all your wires. And there are different accessories that you can get, with magnets that you can just clip onto the underside of the desk, and all of this makes it very easy to hide everything and make it look very wireless and clutter-free.

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