Apple Watch May Get Blood Glucose Monitoring Thanks To UK Tech Deal

Long-standing rumors of a Apple Watch with blood glucose monitoring has just gained credibility. The telegraph and Forbes report that British healthcare technology company Rockley Photonics confirmed in an SEC filing, Apple has been its biggest customer for the past two years, and it has an ongoing agreement to develop future products. Rockley is focusing on sensors that track blood sugar, pressure, and even alcohol levels, suggesting that at least one of these features will be available in the future. Apple Watch.

Apple’s support for diabetics has so far been limited to carry third-party monitors in its stores.

There is no guarantee that the Rockley Agreement will lead to the shipment of the products. However, Apple has not hesitated to focus the Apple Watch on health, and the industry is very interested in developing wearable blood glucose sensors that no needles needed. If Apple can incorporate the technology into a mainstream product like the Watch, it could provide a benefit to anyone who is tired of pricking themselves to control their diabetes.

Rockley’s other tech might help as well. Blood pressure monitoring can alert you to issues like stress, and alcohol monitoring can keep your drinking in moderation. Whether this is feasible or not is another question. Apple should always take into account factors like battery life and price, and it’s quite possible that you might wait awhile for all of these features (assuming they never ship), even if the technology is otherwise ready.

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