Apple Watch Series 6 is down to $ 320 on Amazon

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Amazon has lowered the price of Apple’s latest flagship smartwatch to a new all-time high, as everyone prepares to spend more time outdoors (and maybe at the gym). the Watch Series 6 The Product Red Edition is available now for $ 320 with a $ 64.99 discount applied at checkout. Amazon’s deal is limited to the 40mm model with GPS connectivity. Of course, that means you have to be comfortable with its shiny scarlet appearance. It is all for a good cause, however, with the proceeds going to HIV / AIDS research. This should also make a good match if you already own a Red product IPhone or iPhone case.

Buy Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red Edition on Amazon – $ 320

If you’re still on the laptop fence, we think this is the perfect option for iPhone owners. Apple’s latest watch offers many new features including a blood oxygen sensor alongside the ECG – but we were more impressed with the changes under the hood thanks to the new S6 chip. In essence, everything from launching apps to scanning watch faces is noticeably faster. Plus, you get a 2.5x brighter screen without sacrificing battery life. And, it offers faster change times than its predecessor.

Ultimately, this is the Apple Watch you want if you’re looking for a health tracker that will last you for years to come. While other models, including the cheapest Watch SE, are more suitable for first-time buyers.

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