Apple would explore iPad designs with oversized screens

The strong one 12.9-inch iPad Pro might seem downright modest in the future. According to at 9to5Mac, Bloombergby Mark Gurman claims in its latest “Power On” newsletter that Apple explored iPads with even bigger screens. All of the potential products are still ahead and could take at least “a few years” to ship if they go ahead. Still, for Apple to consider an extension would be notable – it hasn’t ventured beyond 12.9 inches since the launch of the Original iPad Pro in 2015.

A previous rumor from Gurman claims that the iPad Pro will get a redesign in 2022 with a glass back that could support wireless charging. However, the screen size should not change.

A bigger iPad could be risky. Many consider the current iPad Pro to be too big when not attached to a keyboard, and a larger model could be that much heavier. And when some complain that iPadOS isn’t taking full advantage of existing iPad hardware, there might not be much to gain from the actual visual overhaul added.

Apple might not be the only one thinking about size increases, however. Samsung would considering (if not in active development) a 14.6-inch tablet that would easily eclipse the 12.4-inch Galaxy tab s7. This does not include casual niche models like existing models Galaxy view series. If an oversized iPad goes ahead, it might be as much about pushing the competition out as anything else.

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