Apple’s new colorful iMacs are already $ 50 off on Amazon

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Apple’s latest 24-inch iMac has fallen for the best price we’ve seen since launching just a few months ago. Amazon has the blue and silver color options for $ 1,250, which is $ 50 less than its regular price. We saw the iMac get a $ 40 discount shortly after launch, and while an extra $ 10 isn’t a ton, it’s still a decent sale on what we consider to be the ideal portable desktop.

Buy a 24-inch iMac (blue) on Amazon – $ 1,250 Buy a 24-inch iMac (Silver) on Amazon – $ 1,250

You get Apple’s M1 chipset with a 7-core GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage with these discounted models. If you’re considering the upgrade, it’s probably for the M1 chip as it promises blazingly fast performance similar to what we’ve seen in the new MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1 laptops. We also like the responsiveness of the M1 chip which makes the new iMacs – the desktop wakes up from sleep mode almost instantly and Apple Arcade games run smoothly.

Unlike the latest Apple laptops, the new iMac has also received an external facelift. The 4.5K Retina display is surrounded by ultra-thin bezels, and the new 1080p FaceTime camera helps you look better during video calls. And then there are the fun new colors to consider – in addition to blue and silver, Amazon also offers pink and green (although they’re currently at full price), and additional colors like orange. and purple are available on Apple. website for high-end models.

Our biggest gripes about the 24in iMac are its lack of ports – it only comes with two Thunderbolt connectors – and the included Magic Mouse and keyboard aren’t the most comfortable. In addition, for this offer, you must accept the base specifications; if you want a more powerful desktop with an 8-core GPU, you’ll shell out more. If you can keep up with these sacrifices, now is a good opportunity to save some money while upgrading your family desktop.

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