AT&T and Discovery may combine content to take on Disney + and Netflix

AT&T and Discovery are normally enemies in the media world, but they may soon forge an alliance to have a better chance at streaming. Bloomberg sources Claim the two companies are in talks to “combine content assets” and give themselves a better chance of competing with the likes of Disney + and Netflix. Terms are not available and could change, but it would be an unusual change for AT&T after spending years building a monolithic content library. via WarnerMedia.

There is no certainty that the talks will lead to a deal, according to prognosticators. AT&T and Discovery declined to comment.

A content union between AT&T and Discovery would be unusual, but could make sense given the streaming media landscape. Although HBO Max is growing faster than expected, it is still overshadowed by incumbents like Netflix. Discovery content can give you a reason to tune in, at least if you’re a fan of cooking and reality TV.

Any mutual sharing would also help Discovery. His Discovery + the service is young and, by its nature, limited to a relatively small selection of shows. Access to certain WarnerMedia programs could make a Discovery + subscription more attractive, although it’s safe to say AT&T would limit what it offers to avoid harming HBO Max.

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