Aurora helps Volvo develop autonomous semi-trailers

It wasn’t until last month that autonomous vehicle start-up Aurora said it was partnership with Toyota to develop a fleet of robotaxis. The company has now announced a new agreement with Volvo to build fully autonomous semi-trailers that will transport goods across North America (via The edge).

Aurora / Volvo

The two companies say they’ve been exploring a potential partnership since 2018, when they came together to build a prototype truck dubbed Pistachio (above). At the time, Aurora admits that its Driver technology was not advanced enough to safely control a vehicle as big and heavy as a semiconductor on a highway. But with the new sensor technologies Aurora acquired in 2019, the two companies believe they are now ready to build a fleet of autonomous Level 4 trucks that will run on busy hub-to-hub roads between major northern cities. -american. In addition to helping manufacture the vehicles, Aurora will provide logistical and operational support, using the cloud to move these trucks in the most efficient way possible.

“These trucks will combine the best of Volvo technology with the Aurora Pilot, which has the unique ability to detect and track objects well beyond 300 meters, into a compelling and scalable logistics platform,” the company said. .

Aurora is quickly becoming one of the most important players in the autonomous vehicle space. At the start of the year, the company caused a sensation in engulfed Uber’s autonomous driving unit and secured a $ 400 million investment from the ride-sharing giant. He says he will share more information about his partnership with Volvo in the near future.

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