“Babylon’s Fall” will bring a cooperative touch to the PlatinumGames formula

The last time we saw The fall of Babylon, it looked like a stylish third person action game. It hasn’t changed much, but what we now know about the game is that it will be an online co-op title. In The fall of Babylon, you will create a character and party with up to three other players to take on various dungeons. At the end of each, you will earn items and materials that you can use to further develop your character.

Among other things, PlatinumGames has announced plans to introduce new moves after launch that players could add to their arsenal. At first, these will be five different weapons that players can use. Your character can carry two weapons, one in each hand. Gideon’s Coffin, an item your character carries on their back, will allow you to bring additional weapons to a battle and use them regardless of what you have in hand. So let’s say you want to make a hard-hitting warrior, you can equip four hammers to smash all your opponents, or mix and match to make a more balanced fighter.

The fall of Babylon has no release date yet, but from today you can register to participate in the next beta of the game. Square will be released The fall of Babylon at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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