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United States President Joe Biden gave his first speech at a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening, telling Americans the country was “moving forward” again, after the coronavirus pandemic crippled the economy, lost many jobs and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

“After just 100 days, I can give an account to the nation: America is on the move again. Turning danger into possibility. Crisis in opportunity. Recoil in force, ”Biden said.

He said that in the first 100 days of his tenure, his administration created more than 1.3 million new jobs – more than any registered president in their first 100 days in office.

Biden also said that with his policies, the country’s economy would grow at a rate of more than six percent this year.

US President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress as Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi watch on [Chip Somodevillaat/Reuters]

Here are the latest updates:

Thursday April 29

02:11 GMT – Biden says US is not looking for ‘escalation’ with Russia

US President Joe Biden has said he is not looking to escalate tensions with his Russia and its leader, Vladirimir Putin, after imposing a series of sanctions on Moscow.

“I made it very clear to Putin that we are not looking for escalation but that their actions have consequences,” Biden said.

02:03 GMT – Biden: Time to end gun violence epidemic

US President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass legislation that would end the “epidemic of gun violence” in the country.

“I will do everything in my power to protect the American people from this epidemic of gun violence. But it is time for Congress to act as well.

He pleaded with Senate Republicans to join Democrats “to fill in the gaps and demand background checks to buy a gun.”

“And we must again ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. We’ve done it before… and it worked.

01:55 GMT – Biden: white supremacy is terrorism

US President Joe Biden has declared that “white supremacy is terrorism” and said it is time to fight racism in the United States.

“My fellow Americans, we must unite. Restore trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. To eradicate systemic racism in our criminal justice system.

“And to enact police reform in the name of George Floyd that has already passed the House,” he said, pleading for Congress to pass the legislation in May, the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. , an African American whose murder by a white policeman sparked protests across the country.

01:51 GMT – Biden says climate crisis is a global fight

President Joe Biden has said that “the climate crisis” is not just a fight the United States can fight alone, but a “global fight”.

“The United States accounts for less than 15% of carbon emissions. The rest of the world accounts for 85 percent.

“That’s why – I kept my pledge to join the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of my mandate.

“And I have kept my pledge to convene a climate summit right here in America, with all the major economies of the world – from China and Russia to India and the European Union in my first 100 days. .

“I wanted the world to see that there is a consensus that we are at an inflection point in history.”

01:41 GMT – US President wants America’s richest to pay their ‘fair share’

President Joe Biden argued in his first speech to Congress on Wednesday that he had restored Americans’ faith in democracy nearly 100 days after succeeding Donald Trump in power and that he was about to unveil a plan $ 1.8 trillion in spending and tax credit.

He said the richest 1% in the country should pay their “fair share” in the country’s economy.

“20 million Americans have lost their jobs in the pandemic – working class and middle class Americans. At the same time, America’s roughly 650 billionaires saw their net worth increase by over $ 1 trillion. “

01:30 GMT – Biden hails US vaccination program

Biden said that after pledging 100 million COVID-19 vaccines in 100 days, his administration will have provided more than 220 million COVID vaccines in his first 100 days in office.

He said the vaccines were made available to nearly 40,000 pharmacies and more than 700 community health centers.

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