Boat stuck in the Suez Canal now free

the huge ship stuck in the suez canal last week was released, officials said Monday morning. Long live the stuck boat.

Never given, a container ship larger than the Empire State Building, interrupted a crucial trade route after lodging sideways in the canal last Tuesday, delaying billions of dollars in cargo from reaching their destinations.

On Monday, the canal’s service provider announced the ship had been refloated and was on her merry way.

The tug rescue teams had spent six days working to free the vessel, and were ultimately successful thanks, in part, to the full moon bringing high tides.

A Dutch company that helped efforts to free the boat had previously likened the ship to a “stranded whale” and said it “could take weeks,” according to Reuters.

Although this is a global trade disaster, the Never given getting stuck has captivated the world and become the subject of a ton of jokes and memes.

As it floated freely on Monday, trade officials, rescue teams and politicians celebrated.

But many, many more people have made a different request:

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