‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Season 3 update takes Verdansk to 1984

Season three of and Warzone starts today. Series publisher Activision bills the update as “the franchise’s most ambitious free content offering” yet, and there just might be something to say. More in Cold War Black Ops multiplayer, fans will find two new 12-player maps called Yamantau and Diesel to check out today, along with an updated version of Standoff from Black ops 2 to follow later in the season. The update also adds four new Operators – including everyone’s favorite COD character, Captain Price – along with a handful of additional weapons. Fans of the game’s Outbreak Mode can look forward to a new region and more vehicles.


But by far the biggest change comes Warzone, The stand-alone Battle Royale offering from Call of Duty. Following several in-game events that culminated in the explosion of an atomic bomb in Verdansk, the map is back with a new twist of 1984. Developer Raven Software has changed almost every element of the map, including including most buildings, surfaces and objects to adapt them to the new theme. Of course it means Warzone players are ready for another big download, with the latest patch at around 25gb. You can read a full description of what’s on offer with season three on the .

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