Canada to invest billions to electrify public transit

Public transit is little used during the pandemic, but Canada wants to be sure it is green once the crisis is over. The canadian government plans to invest C $ 2.75 billion (approximately US $ 2.17 billion) for the electrification of transit across the country over five years. zero emission bus in addition to other initiatives, officials said.

This effort is part of a C $ 14.9 billion (US $ 11.77 billion) public transportation improvement program. Existing programs have already supported the purchase of 300 green buses, but this will help the government meet its goal of a much larger deployment of 5,000 buses over that five-year period.

Unsurprisingly, the government hopes this environmental initiative will also create jobs for Canadian bus manufacturers like Nova Bus, GreenPower and New Flyer.

The challenge, of course, is to make a meaningful impact. While Canada’s relatively small population and concentration in a handful of major cities may help the money go far, there is no guarantee that this will allow transportation companies to switch completely to EVs or hydrogen. It could, however, give them the boost they need, and success in Canada could give the United States and other countries an example of how to electrify their own transit fleets.

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