Canoo’s first mainstream “ life vehicle ” will cost nearly $ 35,000

In 2019, Canoo had a bold plan to sell a EV on subscription only. Now, however, it looks like the plan has been shelved, at least temporarily. The company today announced that the futuristic-looking minivan, officially called the “Lifestyle Vehicle,” will have a starting price of $ 34,750. The price can reach $ 49,950 before incentives or optional equipment. Starting today, you can reserve one of your own for a $ 100 deposit. The Lifestyle vehicle will arrive in 2022.

In addition to this, the company also announced that its MPDV (which starts at $ 33,000) and pickup can also be booked for a deposit of $ 100. However, deliveries of these vehicles are scheduled for 2023.

The Canoo Lifestyle vehicle is available in four versions: Basic, Premium, Adventure and Delivery. The Adventure trim features greater ground clearance and a “more muscular profile” with upgraded bumpers and the addition of a metal skid plate. According to the company, it will have up to 300 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of maximum engine torque with 250 miles of range.

The company had attempted to divest its platform to other automakers like Hyundai, possibly even gaining Apple’s attention according to The edge, but the case seems to have failed.

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