Coros Pace 2 review: my new favorite racing watch

After years of In testing running GPS watches from a large number of brands, I had accepted what seemed to be a reality: When it comes to fitness, all Garmin watches are so far ahead of the pack that it would be nearly impossible. for another business to catch up. I have seen many businesses try and fail. If I wanted to do a workout or map a run, I would probably wear a Garmin.

However, about a year ago, a company started to make me think. Coros, a California-based company that started making bicycle helmets, began sponsoring athletes with serious star power. The pro ultrarunner celebrity Korea Woltering, who clocked the fastest time ever on the Ice Age Trail and won hearts on the The toughest race in the world, wears a Coros. Likewise Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder for the marathon.

It’s like watching every Nike athlete suddenly migrate to a completely different shoe. What is Eliud Kipchoge? But it wasn’t until I saw Des Linden unfold a new world record with a Coros watch that I couldn’t push back. I had to test the technology. Coros sent me his Pace 2, and – surprise! – it’s also now my new favorite racing watch.

Feathered friend

Let’s start with the most striking feature. Rhythm 2 is light. It weighs 29 grams, which is a few grams lighter than its closest obvious competitor, the Garmin Forerunner 45. It’s so light I barely noticed I was wearing it.

Photography: Coros

You also have the option of replacing the perforated silicone strip with a nylon strip to save even more weight, although I prefer the convenience of soaping and rinsing a silicone strip by hand washing the sweat of a nylon band. (And yes, I know it’s disgusting, but if you have irritation on your wrist under your activity tracker, you probably need to wash this strap.)

The Coros watch has two buttons, compared to Garmin’s five buttons. One of the buttons rotates like a digital crown to cycle through activities, while another button selects the highlighted option and the last one returns to the previous step. The operation is very simple.

The screen is simple too. Rather than the Garmin’s crisp, clear, and bright pixel memory display that you can DIY and customize, the Pace 2 has a basic LCD display. You can choose different faces and select your color scheme, but your choices are limited. Honestly, I prefer it like this. And sports watches don’t need to have the best displays possible. An LCD screen is generally fine.

An LCD screen is also a low power component, which I have found particularly useful when I have been camping. My family is out and about a lot and nothing is more boring than doing an impromptu trail to find out your drums are dead. the Garmin Solar Instinct I tested last year could supplement several days of battery life with a solar charge, but it turns out you don’t have to worry about recharging your battery, by any means, when the battery itself has an epic lifespan.

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