Dashlane’s $ 24 Essentials plan lets you access your passwords on two devices

Password manager Dashlane introduced a new Essentials level to its price structure. The plan lets you access all of your passwords on two devices for $ 24 per year if you pay up front. Outside of the device limit, the Essentials tier also lacks some features found in the company’s more expensive $ 40 per year. Premium plan. Most notably, it does not come with its dark web monitoring tool, and you cannot use the built-in VPN. That said, you still have access to two-factor authentication. So if you decide to go with the Essentials plan, you don’t need to download two separate apps to secure your connections this way. Dashlane also offers a free tier that lets you access your safe on one device and save up to 50 passwords.

The company also introduced monthly payment options, with the Essentials and Premium plans at $ 2.49 and $ 3.99 every 30 days. As is almost always the case, you’ll save money by paying up front, but Dashlane says it wants to give customers more flexibility. The timing of today’s announcement comes just over a month after LastPass limited free users to access its software on a single type of device, effectively imposing a tariff increase. Among its main competitors, Dashlane’s Essentials tier is now an attractive mid-range option. Premium plans from Last pass and 1 Password cost $ 36 and $ 35.88 per year when you pay them annually. And for some people, the two-device limit may be all they need.

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