Discord wouldn’t sell to Microsoft (or anyone else)

It seems Discord no longer interested in selling to another company. It was said that discord was in exclusive discussions with Microsoft on a deal worth at least $ 10 billion, but those ended, according to the

The chat service would have been during discussions with other companies, but he seems to have ended all acquisition negotiations, at least for now. WSJ reports that Discord will remain independent for the time being as it appears to be doing well. While the company may reopen talks with potential suitors, it is rumored that it is once again considering an initial public offering.

Like other communication-centric services, Discord’s popularity increased in the midst of COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic. Many new users have turned to the app to stay in touch with friends and family through text chats and voice and video calls.

Discord had around 140 million monthly users in March, according to the . The company reportedly generated $ 130 million in revenue last year, a significant increase from the nearly $ 45 million it raised in 2019. However, Discord is not yet profitable.

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