Disney + calls ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​its ‘most-watched’ debut series

Taking note of Netflix, Disney + released a press release about the impressive performance of its latest exclusive release without including any numbers or even notes on the methodology used. One way or another, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier apparently ranked as “the premiere of the most watched series on Disney + during its opening weekend … and the most watched title overall for the same period globally”.

Unsurprisingly, the firsts for WandaVision and The Mandalorian season two is the other top-ranked debut based on the system Disney uses, but it looks like HBO Max Justice League failed to convince everyone to ignore the MCU for an entire weekend.

While streaming services carefully collect data about what people watch, when they watch it, and even where they press stop to move on, they do not share that information with the public. Third parties like Nielsen provide insight into what they think is popular, but otherwise we are largely in the dark. Early 2020 Netflix explained a change in how his grades are calculated, and he started releasing more detailed viewer numbers based on this method, but it looks like Disney + won’t go that route.

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