Endwalker ‘Final Fantasy XIV Online’ expansion coming November 23

Endwalker, Final Fantasy XIV The fourth online expansion pack will be released on November 23. Square Enix revealed its release date at the Digital Fan Festival 2021, where director Naoki Yoshida also announced that the expansion is now available for pre-order. The gaming giant first revealed this Endwalker releases this fall at an event for the game’s PS5 beta in February. Now we finally have an exact release date and a full cinematic trailer with a new theme song composed by Masayoshi Soken (FFXIV lead composer) that Square Enix also debuted at the festival.

Square Enix also revealed the second job – the first, Sage, had already been announced – which will be introduced with Endwalker at the event. The scythe-wielding “Repear” can deal damage with melee attacks and summon avatars while fighting melee. Additionally, the company has announced that Male Viera will be added as a new playable breed and has given fans a preview of all the other new content they can expect. There are new towns, regions and villages to explore, new tribes to meet, and new threats to overcome.

Endwalker is now available for pre-order from Square Enix website, the PlayStation Store and Steam. The Standard Edition will cost players $ 40, while the Digital Collector’s Edition with a mount, minion, and bonus weapon will cost them $ 60. Players who pre-order the expansion will get Early Access, which is tentatively scheduled for November 19. Finally, a collector’s box with physical merchandise, including fine art prints, a paladin figure, a plush toy, and a pin, will be available exclusively in the Square Enix store and will cost buyers $ 140 or more.

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