Epic Games Store Now Offers Itch.io Independent Marketplace

Epic games is determined to show he is more open than Apple or Valve, and this now includes some of the less game-oriented apps you will find in its online portal. The company has added a host of PC apps to the Epic Games Store, which include the indie game store. Itch.io – unlike the App Store or Steam, you can download someone else’s marketplace.

You will also find Brave’s privacy-focused browser, iHeartRadio media player (in North America), KenShape 3D model generator, and Krita paint app.

Bigger titles like Discord and Epic’s “face-to-face” social network, Houseparty, is coming to the future.

Itch.io’s appearance will be useful for finding indie titles Epic wouldn’t normally wear, but it also serves as calls to policies that deny access to other app stores on competing platforms. . Epic is effectively challenging Apple and Valve to relax their own approaches. We’ll add that this goes against Steam’s growing library of non-gaming apps. Whether or not Valve has competing stores, it may feel compelled to expand its software catalog.

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