Experience lets you ignore “Hey, Google” for Assistant voice commands

An experiment Google Assistant The feature named “Guacamole” will give you the power to issue voice commands without having to precede it with “Hey, Google”. That is, if the tech giant decides to give it a wide release. Android Police spotted the Guacamole option in the settings of the latest beta of the Google app, and other people with devices running Android 11 found it in their app as well. However, no one could activate it yet. According to 9to5Google, only employees testing the feature should have access at this time, and even the FAQ linked in the option leads to an internal page.

Tap Guacamole in settings to access a voice shortcuts page, which says you’ll be able to “ignore” Hey, Google “for help with a quick task” if you turn it on. It also links to an FAQ page, which you will need to read before you can sign up. As we mentioned, you cannot yet activate it even if you see the feature on your device, but 9to5Google says possible uses include the ability to simply stay “Stop” or “Snooze” to cancel an alarm. You will also be able to handle incoming calls by saying “answer / decline the call”.

The company is said to have been working on Guacamole at least since early March. While it’s still not clear whether Guacamole will become a full-fledged feature, it’s not unlikely, as you can already cancel timers and alarms on Nest or Home speakers by saying “Stop.”

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