Facebook could soon face antitrust investigation in UK

in big tech companies, keep coming. British competition watchdog prepares to open one against in the coming months, depending on the

The Autorité de la concurrence et des marchés (CMA) plans to examine whether Facebook is using user data to give itself an advantage over its competitors in the social media and online advertising markets. The UK can investigate the classifieds service, which the European Commission . The timing and scope of the AMC investigation, however, may change.

Facebook declined to comment on the report to Engadget.

Already this year, the AMC has opened investigations into and . Meanwhile, a CMA department called the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) next month. The DMA is responsible for creating and enforcing a code of conduct for large tech companies.

The likes of Facebook, Google and Apple are not immune to antitrust checks across the Atlantic. The Federal Trade Commission and dozens of attorneys general in December. They are looking to untie Instagram and WhatsApp purchases by Facebook. The company has filed with .

Google faces attorneys general and the Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile, Apple is fighting Epic Games in .

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