Facebook is testing new feature to recommend businesses in the News Feed

Facebook is trial a new feature that will recommend company posts to user newsfeeds. The company says the goal is to help users discover “new businesses that they might not have found on their own.”

With the update, Facebook will insert a selection of thumbnail preview posts from companies that you don’t already follow. Thumbnails will appear directly below articles on professional pages and relate to a similar topic. For example, a restaurant post might recommend posts from other restaurants in your area, or a beauty brand might point to similar businesses.


Facebook has announced plans to initially test the feature in the United States, but plans to expand the effort eventually. Test comes as Facebook gears up for an iOS 14 update that will harder so that the company can track users. Facebook warned that the changes would hurt the small enterprises that rely on its advertising. Recommending posts from businesses that are “like” the ones people are already following could help Facebook give these businesses visibility without ad tracking.

The company announced the test as part of a larger update for businesses. In addition to the new recommendations, Facebook is also expanding the availability of its new page design and making it easier for business owners to write, schedule and publish articles from their accounts.

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