Facebook now lets you upload posts to Google Docs and WordPress

Facebook data transfer tool now helps you share your messages, not just them media attached to them. The social network has extended the tool to let you export notes and articles to Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress. If you have a thoughtful essay that you’ve shared on Facebook, you can put it on another website (or just save it for posterity) with relatively little hassle.

As before, Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password and encrypt the content during the data processing process to keep it safe. You can find the utility in your settings via “Your Facebook Info”.

The company is not shy about knowing some of the motivations behind extended staging technology: it aims to “advance conversations” with governments, developers and others about the concept of data portability. Facebook wants clarity and hopes to get ahead legislation and regulations that might require access to data. The convenience of exporting your information is important, but it’s certainly not Facebook’s only concern.

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