Facebook’s supervisory board delayed decision on Trump suspension

Facebook Supervisory Board delayed its decision to restore former President Donald Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. A decision was expected within 90 days of Facebook refer the matter to the board (in other words, by April 21). Instead, the board will make a decision in the coming weeks and say it will have more to share soon.

The Supervisory Board called for postponing the decision after receiving more than 9,000 public comments. He extended the standard deadline for public comments in this case. “The Council’s commitment to carefully consider all comments extended the timeline of the matter, in accordance with the Council’s statutes,” he wrote. on Twitter.

Facebook initially excluded Trump from its accounts for 24 hours due to policy violations following the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill. Later extended the ban indefinitely. Although the company says suspending Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts was the right move, given the importance of the decision, it referred the matter to the Supervisory Board.

When the board finally makes its decision, Facebook will have a week to act on the decision. He will also have 30 days to make a public response if the board makes policy recommendations.

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