FIA launches ‘revolutionary’ category of electric GT motorsports

The FIA ​​has unveiled a new category of electric GT motorsport with the aim of pushing manufacturers to develop batteries, chargers and other technologies for high-performance road cars. The vehicles will reach 430 kW (577 horsepower) and use 87 kWh batteries with 700 kW load and regeneration technology. This will allow them to regain 60% of their capacity “in a few minutes during a pit stop halfway”, according to the FIA.

The electric GT class will be roughly equivalent to the GT3 race in terms of performance and speed envelope (500 horsepower and around 200 mph). However, the FIA ​​(which governs Formula 1 as well as Formula E) has stated that GT electric cars “will outperform their combustion engine counterparts in areas such as acceleration and qualifying pace”.


Manufacturers will be involved in the development of GT electric cars, but the FIA ​​is also using common parts to reduce escalating costs. To this end, OEMs can create their own battery configurations, but the lithium-ion pocket cells will be supplied by Saft, a battery company. possesses by the oil giant Total.

The FIA ​​also plans to keep costs under control by allowing manufacturers to adapt GT3 internal combustion engine platforms. “Manufacturers already entered in the GT3 class … will be able to use the architecture and certain design elements of their existing cars and convert them into electric power,” according to the FIA.

GT3 cars are often adapted from cars approved for the road such as Porsche GT3, and include huge rear fenders and other aerodynamic tweaks to keep that power glued to the road. GT electric cars will share these characteristics, judging by the images released by the FIA. Other specs include up to four electric motors, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and estimated 0-62 mph times of about 2.4 seconds.

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