‘Gears 5’ studio switches to Unreal Engine 5 for ‘next-gen development’

Although more characters, cards and events are coming , The Coalition ends development of the game. The studio is transferring resources to other projects, which will involve a switch to for “next generation development”.

There is still a little life in Gears 5. Two more quarterly update cycles are underway in the form of Operations 7 and 8, each of which will have two content drops. Until the end of the year, the Coalition will be adding Featured Playlists and will continue to update the store with new items. After that, however, the studio will focus on the future.

The Coalition plans to use Unreal Engine 5 for “several new projects in the years to come”. However, since switching to a different engine is a major project, you shouldn’t expect announcements on “new projects or titles for a while”, the developer .

Many studios will be upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 in the near future, so the news comes as no huge surprise. Still, the Gears of War series has long been seen as a showcase for what Unreal Engine can do, since the first game, which ran on UE3. The Coalition has been developing Gears of War games since 2014, when Microsoft by Epic Games.

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