Google Assistant can fill in your payment information for your next takeout order

Google continues its deployment new features for Assistant whenever a set of them get ready and today he’s announcing a bunch of updates for Spring 2021. Given the growing number of take-out and stay-at-home orders, these revolve around streamlining the restaurant’s checkout process and automation of your smart home.

Google uses its Duplex AI technology to Help him update the restaurant information in Maps, and back when we went out more, it is also helped users make reservations over the phone. This week, Duplex will help you make your payments when you order through a restaurant’s website. You will first need to search for the restaurant on the Google app on Android, tap “Order Online” and select your items. When you are ready to pay and if you are in one of Google’s partner restaurants, the Assistant will “automatically navigate the site and fill in your contact details and payment information saved in Google Pay and synchronized with Chrome’s autofill.” .

Of course, if you are already using services like GrubHub, Uber eats, Seamless or Postmates, maybe not much more convenient. But for restaurants that have partnered with Google and aren’t on any of the more popular delivery platforms, it could make the checkout process much easier. Plus, you won’t have to pass your payment information to another platform and let Google keep it in its memory. This feature is available with some restaurant chains at the moment, and the company says it plans to add more U.S. establishments later this year.

IPhone users who own smart home devices from Google can expect something new as well. This week you can ask your assistant poster or speakers “Find my phone” and it will ping your missing device. While this is already available for Android devices, the implementation for iOS was awkward, involving the Assistant dialing your phone number. It was not a truly native experience. Now iPhones that have the Google Home app installed and have notifications turned on will receive a notification and ring even if they are turned off or in Do Not Disturb mode.


The rest of this week The wizard updates mainly concern the routines. Google is today introducing a new sunrise or sunset routine that will allow you to sync a series of actions to your local beginnings in the morning or evening. Some other services like Belkin’s Wemo have had the ability to time your lights based on the daily sunset or sunrise schedule for years, but Google has offered more features.

To encourage you to set up more routines, the company is adding a new section in the Ready-to-Use Routines section of the Home app to highlight popular sequences. You can see what other users have up to them so you can implement (or rip off) the ones you love. Routine updates are now available worldwide.

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