Google could delete “Hey Google” for some voice assistant tasks

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If you’ve always wanted your Google Assistant to move around without having to say “hey Google” all the time, you might get your wish in the near future.

Friday, Android Police spotted a new feature dubbed “Guacamole” after updating the Google app to Android. The update introduced a new Guacamole menu to the Google Assistant settings list for some users, the outlet reported, although it is not yet functional. Nonetheless, according to menu screenshots posted by Android Police, Guacamole is apparently a voice shortcut feature that will allow users to jump in and say “hey Google ”for help with quick tasks.

In order to activate the feature, users must click and read, presumably, a set of terms and conditions. We say “likely” because the link included in the menu doesn’t work yet, so we haven’t been able to confirm this. (We tried, however).

What exactly are these quick tasks? 9to5Google reports that these quick tasks include alarms, timers and calls. As an example, the socket indicated that the function will allow you to say “stop” or “snooze” to stop an alarm. It also indicates that users will be able to say “answer the call” or “decline the call”.

Now I don’t use Google Assistant, but I use an Amazon Echo Dot which always plays a wonderful BTS playlist in the morning to wake me up. I’m a beast in the morning, and when I growl, “Alexa, stoooooop,” I always feel like the thing is paying attention to me. I don’t think I would have the same drowsy feeling of satisfaction if I just said “stop”. But it’s just me, and it’s a very special situation.

9to5Google notes that Google was only testing the Guacamole feature with employees at the time, which is why it started showing up on some users’ phones. As with other features under development, there is no guarantee that this one will ever reach the general public. We just have to wait and see.

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