Google Home Max costs $ 150 for the first time since Black Friday

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Google may have at the end of last year, but you can still find it for sale at the odd online retailer. And as this happens, A4C has reduced the smart speaker to $ 199.95. Using the payment code “SLICK25” you can get an additional $ 49.98 off the Home Max, which is $ 149.97 before taxes and shipping. The last time you could buy the Home Max for less than . Priced at $ 400 when it was first released, over the past few months we’ve found it to cost closer to $ 180 to $ 200.

Buy Google Home Max at A4C – $ 150

We assigned a score to the Google Home Max . Everything we said over the speaker back then is still relevant today. It sounds great, it’s easy to set up, and comes with a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to connect to other sound sources. And although Google has stopped selling the Max Home, it continues to support it with software updates. At $ 150, we think the Max Home is a steal. For only $ 50 more than the , you get a much better speaker. And if you want to go the route of a stereo pair, $ 300 will give you a really nice setup.

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