Google Simplifies How Developers Build Android For Cars Apps

Google is looking to make things even easier for developers to create Android apps for cars. The company has opened a library of Android for Cars apps in the Jetpack suite of tools. in March, helping developers integrate navigation, parking and Android Auto. The library will also support Android Automotive, so that developers can create applications compatible with both platforms. As such, developers shouldn’t have to allocate so many resources to make sure their apps run on both.

Several early access partners are bringing apps from these categories to Android Automotive, including Charging point, Parkwhiz and Plugshare. Google plans to open the app library to more categories later. Initially, the company only allowed third-party developers to create multimedia and messaging applications for android for cars.

Android Automotive is a complete infotainment system that doesn’t need to rely on a connected Android device. Google says that by the end of this year, more than 10 car models will support the platform, including vehicles from Volvo, General Motors and Renault. With more cars destined for automobile use, it makes sense that Google wants to help developers grow the app ecosystem.

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