Google wants to make shopping in Photos and Chrome easier

The Shopping feature might not be what most people think of when they visit Google, but it’s a big part of its business. And it was exposed to I / O 2021, the company devoting part of the two-hour event to features that will improve the purchasing experience on its products. In Pictures, for example, Google added a new “Search screenshot” goal prompt. So let’s say you save a photo of Steph Curry, Google Lens will try to find products that match the ones shown in this image.

In Chromium, meanwhile, Google has added a feature to help you track your pending purchases. Shortly after opening a new tab, you’ll see all of your open baskets in the middle of the page. So if you’re in the process of buying something but getting distracted, Chrome will be there to remind you that you haven’t made a purchase. Insistent yes, but probably not as obnoxious as the emails you get when you abandon a cart.

Google is also expanding its partnership with Shopify. Going forward, the company plans to allow Shopify merchants, all of whom numbered 1.7 million, to feature their products on Google products like search, YouTube, and more. Finally, the company will soon allow you to link your favorite loyalty programs from retailers like Sephora to your Google Account. The company will use this information to highlight your best buying options.

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