Google’s AI LaMDA can have a ‘natural’ conversation while masquerading as Pluto

From AI to smarter chatbots, Google has spent the last few years teaching AI how to communicate better with humans. Now the company shows its latest research this could take these efforts to the next level.

The company previewed LaMDA (“Language Model for Dialogue Applications”), research that it claims represents “breakthrough conversational technology” that will one day enable people to have natural and natural conversations. open on any topic with Google AI. The technology is still in the research phase, but it could have huge implications for existing Google products like Search and Assistant.

While existing chatbots are often trained on a specific topic or programmed to give predefined responses, LaMDA “can seamlessly engage on a seemingly endless number of topics,” according to Google. On stage at Google I / O, Sundar Pichai demonstrated how LaMDA could take on the character of Pluto or a paper airplane. In each example, LaMDA was able to respond to questions or comments that do not have a clear answer.


“We are also exploring dimensions such as ‘interest’, assessing whether the responses are insightful, unexpected or witty,” Google explains in a blog post. “As Google, we also care a lot about factuality (that is, whether LaMDA sticks to the facts, which language models often struggle with), and we are looking for ways to make sure that LaMDA’s answers are not only convincing but correct. ”

For now, LaMDA is built around text-based conversations, but Pichai said it could eventually expand to other things like video and audio. Finally, search could be integrated with existing features such as search or the Google Assistant. For example, it could allow users to ask Google for directions with a route offering a view of the mountains, or ask Google to jump to a specific part of a video, like “show me the part where the lion roars at sunset “

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